How to start a Blog: Step 4 is very important

How to start a Blog: Step 4 is very important

Do you really want to start a successful famous blog?

I am asking it because only starting off the blog is very simple but making it famous and earning from it may awake you till late nights.

A Blog can make it possible to do a world tour, to get an expensive car and very much. Without even doing a regular 9-5 job. That's awesome. So, you must have dreamed about a successful blog.

I have invested my 4 whole years to learn about blogging, how one could make money from it, how people are actually making money, SEO, etc. Now, I am standing at a place that I can teach this art of blogging to anyone interested. The person who needs to learn this art is only required to read this blog regularly. I want to tell you that I have tested everything, started various blogs but never got the success. But now Everything seems better because I have learned a lot through my failures.

In this post, I am going to tell you how should you start a blog the right way? When you will be at the end of this article you'll have been just started off.

Please don't be rush through the post but try to understand everything because here everything is very important. I have explained everything with full detail in easy language. So, you will not get stuck anywhere.

Table of Contents:

Step-1) Choose a topic for your blog

Decide on a topic about which you can write better. A topic should be that which you like to learn about or already an expert in.

Because people require a value that value can be given to the people only when you have enough skills and knowledge about the area.

Try to write on multiple topics on the same blog will not only take very hard work from you but managing to rank the blog on search engines will be very hard. Hence, in the beginning, try to focus on one topic. Once the blog will grow, add more topics in it of the same niche. Hence, you will not lose authority. Authority is the main power of the successful blog. If you have time then check out some blogs and notice their authority topics to clarify the concept of authority. For example, the authority of this blog(WEaLagend) is in Blogging, SEO, Social Marketing, WordPress, which are all related topics to each other.

Read it: 

Step-2) Choose a blogging platform:

You have chosen blogging topic But have you programmed your blogging software still?

No, then don't do it because some people(Thanks to those) have already created blogging software for us. And the matter of fun is that they are not taking money to use it. It's free of cost.

The most popular software (CMS) is WordPress. That is famous because of its simplicity, variety, and flexibility.

The one interesting fact about WordPress: is powering over 30% sites on the Internet.

Don't be fooled by As is limited version but is recommended the self-hosted unlimited version of WordPress. You have to just install this WordPress software on a host and all is ready. Installing the software on the host is one click process on hosts recommended by us. In Step-4, we will disclose two recommended hosts by us on which you may install WordPress just by clicking on a button.

Step-3) Choose a domain name:

Memorizable and easy to write domain name is very important because people can save it within the skull and recall on the opportunity.

Firstly, think about the name of the website which resembles with the topic name of the blog and it is not met then use a unique name, here it doesn't matter of what your site is about.

A domain name costs 10-13$/month but You can save 10-13$ by using below trick that is given in Step-4.

Step-4) Choose a hosting:

Although, Many good hosts are ready to host a WordPress site. But some of them are excellent the way they are providing high-quality services at a very lower price. We are recommending Bluehost because it is providing high-quality services for WordPress hosting at a very lower price from many years back.

The trick which we were talking about in step-3 is, don't buy a domain name from anywhere outer because you get a free domain name on buying the hosting service from Bluehost

Please read: How to install WordPress on Bluehost

Our other recommended hosting service is Hostgator which is very special hosting service for those people wanting to buy the hosting service for one month, three months or 6 months only because Bluehost don't allow to buy a hosting service for that short time. The quality of the service of Hostgator is the same as Bluehost.

May be an important Guide: How to buy hosting for 1 month, 3 months or 6 months

Step-5) Choose the theme:

The theme of the blog is the skin of the blog as anyone would not like a person with bad skin. In the case of the blog, anyone would not like a blog with a bad theme.

Although, Many themes in the market make people carrying uniqueness in their sites but choosing a specific theme from such a wide number of themes is a challenging task. 

You should choose a theme that is SEO optimized and well coded. Although there are many free themes available, they are lacking in many features. So, you should use a premium WordPress theme. Some sites from where you can get a good WordPress premium theme are the following:


Step-6) Installing and activating a few important plugins

WordPress without plugins is very dumb kind. It should not be that simple. Few functionalities are must required. These features and functionalities come after installing and activating a few plugins. Hence, to make your blog advanced some of the important plugins are listed through below links. We are recommending these plugins for every WordPress blog.

Jetpack Plugin: This plugin is freely available that provides some important services like traffic statistics, Sitemap, Lazy image loading for faster page loading, social share buttons, Social profiles, etc.

Simple author Box: It is useful for creating author bios at the last of the post.

Yoast PluginThis plugin will help you in growing traffic. It makes it easy to optimize the post or page for search engine.

Step-7) Be Social:

Reach to the wide audience by creating social accounts of the blog. It is also good for SEO. Whether it is Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest, carry your blog to there. Through social accounts, quality traffic can be generated.

On social media, the only requiring thing is interaction with people. As much interaction that many familiar people be with the brand of the blog.

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