5 habits that make you rich

5 habits that make you rich

Have you tired up living a lower than normal life? You must have been doing something wrong with yourself that stopping you to grow richer. Maybe they are habits which you own daily. You do something wrong. What are the right things are discussed below which you should apply over your lifestyle today?

Actually, all the below techniques are the extracted part from great books. I have read many books in my lifetime till now. These are from those books.

5 Ways to earn money as a programmer

5 Ways to earn money as a programmer

Money is required for me, money is required for you, money is required for everyone...

So, for every programmer, web developer, web designer, game developer, software developer I have brought this article to tell you the best ways to earn money online without even going to the office...
I want to say only one thing to any kind of coder that more opportunities than he can think are available in this world. In this article, I am just trying to tell you very few from such ways…


You can earn through blogging. As anyone can start a blog by himself if he has knowledge of anything or has something to say. As a programmer or software developer, we have a vast amount of knowledge and experience to share with people. I think we should... As sharing knowledge is the most priceless work. By sharing knowledge, you not only helping people but making them stronger and stronger.

On the blog, you could write tutorial articles and by showing advertisements between these articles or by doing Affiliate marketing, you can make a good amount of money.

You could also sell your tutorial ebooks or even software to people visiting your blog.

Nowadays many people have integrated e-commerce functionalities in their blogs. Hence, people coming to know something are going with buying something.

Here is How to Start a blog[Guide]

2. Freelancing:

There are many freelance sites, on them, you may work and earn money accordingly. You may freely open an account on these sites, by filling up your profile information, start your work. Actually, there are found generally two types of people, Freelancers(workers) and job providers. You have to bid on the jobs which you want to do or you get requested by job providers to work for them.

People are really making a good amount of money from these sites. I suggest you try them.

3. Selling on Udemy:

If you have a good amount of knowledge and passion to teach, you could make your video tutorials which could be sold out on Udemy by students. There are many people who are doing that. Eventually, the Udemy is very popular and reliable among people that chances of your tutorial to be sold are much better than other platforms.

4. Start a youtube channel:

You could start a youtube channel to share your knowledge.

And could do affiliate marketing, selling whatever you like through your youtube channel. Applying for Google AdSense and monetizing your videos with advertisements is a really very good option. But only providing free tutorials on Youtube would not earn enough. So, taking up the channel as a gate through which people would enter and sending them to somewhere where you could treat them to earn some money is the strategy that should be developed. 

5. Developing games:

You may show ads on games made by yourself. Again Google Adsense here comes into view. Google Adsense pays you very good money for PPC advertising, that is the best way of monetization in games. There are many other ways also to earn a better amount of money through game development only.

Think about, if your game goes viral then you may earn millions just by brand collaboration.


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