Benefits of choosing a niche Blog over versatile

Benefits of choosing a niche Blog over versatile

How many times when you search for something come across a site focused on a single topic and how many times you come across a multitopic blog?

You don't count but you may guess. We think the answer will contain a big number for the blog of a single topic or fewer topics than a versatile blog. It is the fact actually that niche websites rank well on search engines than a versatile website.

We think that you have known the main benefit of the niche blog and that is the biggest reason to start with a niche than a versatile blog to be rocking in search engines world.

Authority Creation is easy in case of niche blog:

When you want to create an authority in some field, a lot of time is required. But having a site on fewer topics or only one topic, the authority will be created automatically. Every content ever created will be for a single niche.

The learning curve will be reduced and make you an expert in a single niche in a short time. When you be an expert in something, creating content around that becomes very easy. Hence, writing more and more content for your blog will be easier. 

We think a man having less knowledge in many fields is less productive than a man who is the expert in a single niche. Also when people will come to your blog, they will be a permanent follower only if they feel the expert wave from the blog. And the blog will be successful when it will be able to make people permanent followers.

Promoting the blog will be easy:

Take the example of Facebook pages and Instagram. To which pages you like and to whom you follow? Don't you like to follow a man who has authority in something that you are interested in and pages which have authority in something specific which interests you? Of course, you do. Actually, we tend to like something more with an authority than something that is random. And it is specifically applied on blogs. Critically, It is more applicable specifically on blogs.

Because your audience will be defined by the niche of the blog, you will be able to know the audience better. Hence, promotion work will be very easy and focused. In the case of a multitopic blog, you could not target the audience powerfully.

You don't have to write more:

This is the biggest reason to not starting a blog on multitopic. Because if you do that you will cry for God to help you in writing. Yes, you'll have to be writing continuously and without a break to cover all the topics. That is not the matter of your guts. Don't take it as a challenge, "I will show it to be done". As why would insert hands in a hard job when everything is coming easily like butter.

Email marketing will be easier:

When your blog will be targeted on a single topic and goal then it will be very easy to make people sign up for on blog for a newsletter or something else. As your audience will be very targeted and you may send them targeted emails.

As you can see all things become easier on creating a niche based blog than the versatile blog. This would help in 




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