InfinityFree: Best free webhosting I found

When I was just starting, I came to know that some hosts are also free. Then what, because I was just starting, I went on researching free hosting services. I came across

many, made accounts there, most of them were so much limited. Eventually, I reached InfinityFree. These people were providing most of the services freely with all features and no memory restriction. 

I was surprised to know that there was no forceful advertising at all on your website. Most of the important services were unlimited, Such as unlimited Addon domains, unlimited subdomains, unlimited parked domains, unlimited MySQL databases, Unlimited disk Quota, and Unlimited Bandwidth. These all were never seen unlimited on any Free hosting provider I had come across. 

So, Instantly I made an account on it. Within 20 minutes I was able to run my site without interruption. I was used one-click Joomla install for installing a Joomla site.

I really loved it.

How to host your site:

1. You can host your site freely on it. Firstly you need an account that you can create from here.

2. After creating an account, you will go into the admin panel of hosting.

3. There you may add your own domain or use a free domain. The free domain may take the form like Which doesn't look good So, try to use a custom domain like

4. Go into cpanel and install the desired software for your website. You may use the recommended WordPress as it is beginner friendly.

5. Your site will go live after that. 

Although the InfiniteFree is praisable service, you may not wholly rely on it. Because after all, it is free. you may face there some security problems. So, we will always recommend going with non-free hosting service.

We will recommend using a nearly free service that is Bluehost. Which is recommended hosting service by WordPress itself. For more information on How to be using Bluehost, check out following free guides.



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