Why should you choose WordPress over Joomla

Why should you choose WordPress over Joomla

Are you going to start a blog and firstly want to know why should I use WordPress?

You are at the right place.

In my blogging journey, I used both platforms. Now, this blog is on Joomla. But when I first started I started with WordPress. It was a really good experience using WordPress but you may think, why am I not using WordPress for this blog? Truly said It was just a wish to try something different at that time.

Well, I am satisfied with both platforms. What can you do on WordPress, you can do it on Joomla as well. Wordpress is great in his way and Joomla is great in his own way. You can just choose any. But for beginners, I recommend WordPress as it is easy. And why one may choose WordPress over Joomla, has many other points as well. let's discuss them.

1) WordPress is easy to learn and master:

WordPress learning curve is shorter than Joomla learning curve. For beginners as well as for already WordPress users, Joomla seems harder to follow.

I have used both platforms before and found WordPress more user-friendly and easier for me.

2) WordPress has a larger community:

WordPress has an exponentially larger community than Joomla. It means if you have any problem with WordPress, you can ask and work it out with many people.

It is also the reason, there is more development around WordPress. You can find many themes and plugins freely for use with WordPress developed by many people, but free stuff in Joomla is very less and people who know the Joomla development are also very less.

3) Wide range of choice for themes:

WordPress theme Market is extensively bigger in front of Joomla theme Market. And this is a reason why getting a theme for free is much easier in WordPress than in Joomla?

4) Wide range of choice for Plugins:

You can get many plugins as well. No. Of plugins available for WordPress are far more than Joomla plugins.

It is probably rare to find a free plugin for Joomla but free plugins are always there for WordPress.

5) WordPress is lightweight basically:

In a comparison of Joomla, WordPress posses less in-built features making it lightweight, though Plugins can enhance desired features.

6) WordPress development is somewhat cheaper than Joomla Development:

Although, It is not true always. but for basic development, a client has to spend lesser money to hire a developer for WordPress than Joomla.

7) WordPress has more helpful resources:

If you stuck into a problem in WordPress, finding the solution becomes damn easy over the Internet but it is not when the problem be related to Joomla.

Maybe a few years later, Joomla resources will also available due to blogging competition but they are not now.

8) There is a flood of tutorials on WordPress development:

Whether you are on YouTube or You are on Google, learning WordPress development will going to be easy, as many free and paid tutorials are available on most platforms.

9) WordPress media management is simple for small blog site:

Joomla media management is powerful, though WordPress media management is simple from the viewpoint of a small blog site.

10) WordPress is more blog oriented:

Running a blog on the WordPress platform is going to be smoother than running a blog on Joomla without extensions.

11) WordPress has Gutenberg Editor:

WordPress now comes with in-built Gutenberg editor, with which writing WYSIWYG articles is highly smooth.

12) WordPress has built-in Page post type:

WordPress has Page post type which are primary pages for the site other than blog posts but in Joomla, you have to make pages and blog posts by only articles post type with the menu system.

13) WordPress has built-in author profile feature:

In WordPress, you can set and edit an author profile easily and is enabled by default but in Joomla, you have to take the help of extensions for the same.


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