Why should you choose Bluehost for WorldPress

Why should you choose Bluehost for WorldPress

I remember when I first started with the Blog I know nothing about the hosting? Even I listened to the word ‘hosting’ for the very first time.

By researching a little bit, I came to know that there are some free hosts with paid hosts as well. I firstly tried many free hosts just for the practical. But they were all carrying their own problems. Which struck me in every trial of proper website creation.

After a few months later, I tried for the first time, a paid Host ‘Hostgator’. That won my heart as when I was setting up it for the very first time, I stuck in many places. Then I call, and chat with the customer support team of Hostgator, they helped me a lot in every step and eventually my first blog could set up.

So, this is the little story which tells you about my experience with many hosts. I have come across many hosts, and one of them is Bluehost. Which I found the best especially for WordPress.

I think you may be eager to know why Bluehost is Best, according to me? So, exactly that simple thing we are discussing through this article. Why should you choose Bluehost for WordPress?

Bluehost is one of the recommended hostings by WordPress officially.

Yes, WordPress says to use Bluehost for hosting a WordPress website. Due to this, It automatically seems trustworthy to use Bluehost. It is optimized for WordPress websites.

Bluehost is Cheap:

You may start with Bluehost with as cheap as $3.95/month which is cheaper than other popular hostings. With this little prize, all quality services come into your lap. And that is also the biggest reason for the popularity of Bluehost.

Bluehost offers excellent Customer support:

You may take help from Email ticket, Live chat, and phone call as well. You may use native English language for talking. They offer their help cycle to the point until the problem doesn't get resolved.

One click WordPress install:

This is another power of Bluehost that it can install WordPress by just one install button on the control panel. Unlike most other hosts, the control panel of Bluehost is well organized and easier to employ.

It takes only 10 minutes of time in starting a blog with Bluehost and WordPress:

Yes, it is true. It will not take more than 10 minutes if the internet connection is consistent. To get a guide on starting a Blog with Bluehost Click here.


You have seen how is Bluehost best for WordPress. WordPress and Bluehost are helping people around the world in creating online businesses from years. You can also create your own business from home left out the 9-5 boring job and boss. Here is How?

If you have your own views on Bluehost hosting then please share them with us through the comment section or if you have any question then ask us without hesitation through the comment section.




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