What is affiliate marketing and how should I do it

What is affiliate marketing and how should I do it

Don’t know till now what is affiliate marketing when there is a lot of buzz about it all over the internet? You are a unique personality. If you have listened about the term affiliate marketing then maybe you don’t understand it finely.

In this post I will discuss the term affiliate marketing and how could you do it in detail.

Do you know people are making millions just by doing affiliate marketing?

If they are making that big amount of money then anyone could be making. Just a start is needed with hard work and

Now, because we should never do late for anything. Let’s try to understand what is affiliate marketing?

Affiliate marketing is the term used to refer to the type of marketing in which people do marketing of products owned by others and in exchange, they earn a commission, if they are successful in making sell.

Generally, Affiliate marketing works online at the big level because online, the tracking options are easily available and cheap to implement. By tracking options easily available, I mean, it is very easy to track if the sell is made by a specific person called affiliate.

Suppose, An online store is availing an affiliate program in its services. Through that program, anyone could register to be an affiliate and start promoting the products to earn a commission.

Now, any registered person with the affiliate program of the store would want to promote a product, So, the store would provide a link to share wherever the person wants to promote the product.  Actually, here comes the thing why affiliate marketing works generally online? The link that is met by an affiliate program contains tracking code. This code recognizes the affiliate personally. So, the store software would find who made the sale and transfer commission to the person who made the sale.


I think now you have learned what is affiliate marketing.

Amazon associates:

It is an affiliate program provided by the Amazon store. Amazon store is the largest online retailing store where about all variety of products meet to see. One thing that should be kept in mind while registering with Amazon associates that it is country targeted. That means you have to register with every affiliate program based on the country where you want to promote products.

This is uniquely advantageous for websites targeting only a specific country. Being country based, more products within the country are available here to be selected.

And provided your website is targeting multiple countries, even though you can promote products from different associate programs by placing a single link by using a redirect plugin in CMS.

There are many ways to promote Amazon associates products like placing links of products in the text, creating a different shop page on the website to show different products and kinking them to the Amazon, Using woocommerce if you are using WordPress, etc.

Which will work better for you is determined by the blog niche and how you created your blog, your design?

Amazon associates works as one of the best affiliate programs because of the Amazon that has created trust in people’s mind and amazing services like Prime. Once coming to Amazon, people automatically buy products.



This is another player in affiliate marketing ground. ShareASale has become a big name among many successful affiliates and vendors. You can find here about any kind of product to promote from different merchants.

Before you could promote a product from any ShareASale merchant, you have to request for the first time. After 1-3 days, you get approved or declined based on your profile which includes your website details.

Mostly, you get access to products if the website is adequate.

The benefit of using the network like ShareaSale is that tracking system never makes mistake and your commission is secure always.

How should you do Affiliate Marketing?

 When you have done signing up for the above-given Affiliate programs and networks. The next step will be to utilize these affiliate programs to earn money online. With the ambition to utilization, you need a blog. A blog is an online diary kind of website. Where one may write his notes, thoughts, etc.

You may easily set up a blog by following my Blog creating free tutorial. It will take around 10 minutes of time in starting a blog. Every single step, I have told in the tutorial.

After setting up the Blog, you should write high-quality articles and place affiliate links in between text at various places. Try to place links only in relevant places. Never overdo it. When people will want to buy they will search the link automatically in the text.

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