Why and How should bloggers use Mnemonics to learn things

Why and How should bloggers use Mnemonics to learn things

Well, you may do make notes, make lists in your computer or mobile. Making these notes might be helpful in collecting information and recalling on the need. Perhaps, This practice of making notes be understood to be productivity practice. However, Productivity may be increased to a somewhat greater level with another method and that is what we are going to discuss.

You require only to add the other practice which doesn't involve anything other than your Brain. However, Brain is very slow to work with, in comparison to technology, but it is your body part eventually. Even the interaction with technology implicates Brain.

Now, I am going to disclose the practice name and that is 'mnemonic'. How many of you have listened to the term mnemonic? Not many. Don't worry. In this article, I will explain everything.

So, let's start.

What is mnemonics?

If you search for the word 'mnemonic' in the dictionary then it means artificial memory. But I was saying in the previous paragraph that it doesn't require anything beyond the brain. Was I joking? No, the story is different here. Actually, this mnemonic practice involves some rules which don't happen automatically but you have to follow them manually(artificially). Yes, there is a need for stress in some quantity because you have to do everything by yourself.

a mnemonic is a memory technique, generally, has been used by magicians, memory experts, and world record holders.

To be more focused, mnemonics are techniques which change one form of data( Generally texts, facts, numbers) to another form( Generally mental images and videos). For example, give a sight at the following table:

Numbers Mental Image
1 Stick
2 Duck
3 Butts or Heart
4 Chair
5 Hook
6 Hockey stick
7 Lamppost
8 Spectacles
9 Lollypop
10 Bat and Boll
11 Two electric wires


As you may notice I have changed every number into its corresponding image based on the number's shape. These corresponding images of numbers can be used in memorizing numbers related facts and information. For example, you want to memorize that Gandhi ji's birthday is 2 October then you may think it like, Gandhi Ji is touring the world sitting on The duck(2) and while traveling he bought Bat and boll(10nth month October). So, how easy was it? This is very easy and next time when you want to recall this information then you just think about Gandhi Ji and his story flashes around eyes in few moments. Hence, you would get the birthday of Gandhi Ji.

Characteristics of mnemonic:

1. Mnemonic is fast: 

When you try to learn something, usually you repeat something again and again. That a lot of repetition, not only consumes time but is also less productive and non-stable.

2. Mnemonic requires time only at first time:

Yes, you will learn something using mnemonics then it will take significant time for the first time but after that everything becomes timeless.

3. mnemonic is funny:

Students who used mnemonics in their studies told: "with mnemonics, study becomes so much fun work". basically, mnemonics use imagination and visualization power of the mind that illustrate students like they are watching a movie. And don't forget the quote of greatest genius Einstein "Imagination is more important than knowledge.

4. Mnemonics enhances the creativity of the person: 

Yes, Mnemonic as a memory technique involves a lot of creative approach like visualization, reasoning, etc. It grows the creativity of the person.

5. Remove stress:

Using mnemonic reduces stress over the head of people. Because mnemonics make studying as entertainment, people don't forget things learned through mnemonics, mnemonics are verified as stress remover.


How mnemonics can be useful for a Blogger?

Mnemonic is a memory technique used in memorizing things. Mnemonics can be useful in any area with the play with wide information by the brain.

A blogger has to deal with voluminous information and facts, hence, his memory needs to working well. If he gets beaten by less memory power then he could get beaten by everyone. And you should also know that by using the mnemonic technique many dumb students and people with absolutely near to no memory power could create records.

So, if a blogger will want to use mnemonics then he will use it in the following ways.

1. Memorizing schedules:

A successful blogger needs to deal with many events around him. He has to follow his own always changing time table as maybe he is traveling to different places, experimenting with different things, etc.

He has to carry a diary with him to remember all these things. But he doesn't need a diary while knowing mnemonics. So, I hope, you would have understood the power of mnemonics now.

Let's try to understand this point with an example.

Suppose the appointment of a blogger is following:

  • 7:00 AM- He has to call Mr. Smith for asking him to ready up his files and documents.
  • 8:00 AM- He has to go to his daughter's school because today held parents meeting.
  • 01:00 AM- He has to meet his client, Rohit.
  • 02:00 AM- He has to reach the bank to solve an issue.


One may memorize them as a story using the above given mnemonics like, in your house, on the table, few files are scattered. on opening the files under the lamppost, you see pictures of myth(Smith) stories in files. After seeing those files, you place them in your daughter's bag and carry her to the school. While going to school, Mr. Rohit meets you on the road and you punish him with a stick on the back, after that you, Rohit and your daughter go together to the bank where you all rob the bank.

However, this story didn't make sense but it was very powerful and you got entertained as well.

If you want to recall all the times and works associated with each time, close the eyes and watch the whole story. You will definitely be able to recall all the information.

2. List of many types:

Didn't you require to learn a list as a blogger? Lists are part of our life, we need to memorize lists in every now and then. But anyone can memorize a list in a few moments by following some mnemonic technique. Here is an example:

You want to memorize the following list:

  1. Mango
  2. Book
  3. Knife
  4. Barack Obama
  5. Donald Trump
  6. Pipe
  7. Pin

Watch it in your mind to learn the above list: You are eating a mango. After some time you put mango on a book. Again when you wanted to eat the mango, you pulled a knife from the pocket and cut the mango into many pieces. From those pieces of mango, you gave a piece to each Barack Obama and Donald Trump. You were all doing the mango Party together then Donald Trump put his wish to eat the plastic pipe in front of you both, you gave the plastic pipe to him. He ate it fully. After that, Donald Trump cleaned his teeth with a pin.

So, this is our weird sounded story but we would never forget this and that is helpful to learn the list permanently.

These techniques were the only two from many techniques of the mnemonic world. For learning many other techniques, you can buy below-given books, which I have read and suggested to you. I didn't only read them but I did read many other books as well. But I found under given books the best, So, you can buy them without any tension they are all worthy.

1. The Manual: The Guide to the Ultimate study method

This book is really helpful for everyone, whether he is a science student, medical student or any other. This book is especially based on the student's study material. How one can use various mnemonic techniques to accomplish great memory results is written in the Book explaining all techniques with various examples. 

You would read the book once and after that, you start saying yourself Superman, Really, it is that great feeling when you become capable in learning about everything. For a few days, you don't believe yourself as well. 

2. Dynamic Memory

This book is written by Limca book of record holder Vishwaroop Roy Chaudhary. Who is very famous for his memory capabilities and techniques in India. He has written many books in the memory field. Why is this book special because it is written in a way that you would get it quite easy to read due to short chapters. Every chapter teaches a great deal of memory skill.










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