10 best android applications for bloggers

10 best android applications for bloggers

A blogger's life is free from all boundations of the world. He is free to move to all the world with his laptop.

This looking easy life of blogger was very tough in a few years before. When there were no applications of many varieties to help him.

Now many kinds of applications are present around to assist to blogger.

Some important applications are the following:

Table of Contents:

1) WordPress:

If you are a blogger then many chances are that your blog is running on WordPress. If it really getting powered by WordPress, the app is for you.

This app has feature for editing, publishing, reading, writing, drafting, etc. Most bloggers use this app for seeing statistics provided by jetpack.

Because the app doesn't accomplish to add plugin support in the admin, so people can not use plugins like Yoast.

So people mostly consider to draft or put the post in pending for review for posting and editing later on a laptop.

Even being limited in features, the app is very useful.

2) Adsense:

This app is useful for Google ads publisher as it provides the information of clicks on ads, total impressions, earnings, etc. in detail.

Well, you have to open up the website, again and again, that takes a little more time.

So, using the app reduces the unnecessary spent time while opening Google ads on the browser. It may lead to again and again sign in problem on the browser.


3) IAwriter:

IAwriter is a really nice app for bloggers. The app inclined to give you the smooth and light user interface.

Setting up the PIN for locking the app is another great feature in the app.

Using Drive, and Dropbox storage for managing files create cross-platform interface support in the app.

Although, the app has a feature of online collaboration that is paid.

4) Google analytics:

This is another revolutionary app that provides statistics report of visitors on a website.

This report dwells much other important data than just how many people have reached to the website.

Believe it, It is a very happy feeling to see the live website traffic report.

5) Feedly:

Feedly is a very important app for any blogger. Feedly lets you subscribe to any and any number of blogs.

You can explore a wide number of popular blogs of a specific category.

Feedly has its extensions for many browsers to use it on computers. Hence, Feedly falls under cross-platform applications.

6) SwiftKey keyboard/Grammarly keyboard:

SwiftKey keyboard is feature rich keyboard with many useful features like arrow keys for navigation around the text, floatable keyboard that can set at any corner of the screen, many language support, word suggestions, etc.

Grammarly is the keyboard developed by Grammarly that is a proofreading software.

Hence, Grammarly has a great number of proofreading and Grammar mistakes less content writing features.

You never do any Grammar, punctuation, spelling, etc. mistakes in future by using Grammarly.

7) Pinterest:

Most people understand Pinterest as an app for women only. But it's not that. It is very wide and can be used by anyone.

On Pinterest, you may share as well as find high-quality ideas related to about anything.

By many people, Pinterest also used as keyword research and blog post topic generator tool.

For bloggers, Pinterest is the best platform for generating targeted traffic to the website for free.

8) Google Keep:

It is an excellent app for notes taking. You may create notes on the go easily by this app.

Google keep assigns free storage to people for note taking. So, it is entirely free.

9) Dictionary app:

Searching for a word, synonymous, meaning, or example? Dictionary app takes its entry here as a superhero.

This app is a very cool app that suggests word of the day with detail. So, you learn new words daily.

Dictionary app updates it's blog daily with fascinating stories dwelled with nice words and slangs.


10) Canva:

This list will not complete without this app as it allows creating photos for every social media site as well as for blog use. Canva provides premium as well as free photos for use in photos, and many shapes as well.

it renders photos for editing in a very easy way that you often love this application as a designer.

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