Which platform should I choose between WordPress or Blogger

Which platform should I choose between WordPress or Blogger

Are you thinking about starting a blog and wondering which platform should I choose, then, this post would really help you in stepping out your blogging journey in a better way. Because here you will know about the best blogging platform for you.

Here I will list all features of both blogging platforms and then suggest you which is better for you on the bases of what type of user are you, what is your aim, what you want etc.



You must have listened to the word Google. You may say this word is legendary. Yes, Google is a legend. And blogger is !the blogging platform owned by Google. Blogger is freely available to everyone to use. Blogger doesn't even require a custom domain, neither it hates to have a custom domain. Actually, it is optional to use one. There are some very powerful and popular blogs running on blogger. Few of them to name out and in my memory are :

Backreaction(A science blog especially of physics)

Here are the blogger's some excellent features:



Blogger is SEO friendly but it does not provide the whole type of permission to improve your SEO. All in All SEO capability is good in blogger but not the best.

Ways to increase SEO

  1. Here you may use a permalink to structure a blog title.
  2. You may use your own keyword research skills and writing skills to improve SEO.
  3. You may use backlinks also.
  4. You can optimize the image for SEO by lower the size and using well-structured keyword rich caption name for the image.
  5. You can use youtube videos as content to optimize SEO.
  6. Social media presence may provide a part to the SEO.




Blogger provides official customizable themes as well as the ability to use custom themes, though there is not a big market to get custom themes.

Options for customizing themes:

  1. You can use CSS.
  2. Blogger themes are divided into four main parts which may be customized in a limited way. These parts are header, posts, sidebar, footer.
  3. You may use custom themes but the availability of these themes is very lower comparable to WordPress themes.
  4. You can not use blogger themes in any way but you are bounded by some limitations.



This is your blog and of course, you own every content on it. But here is a problem that we don't have full control over it. Instead, Google has full control over everything. Whenever google will want, can destroy your blog.

Here, You are not the boss of your will. Whenever Google will want can shut down its services.



This platform has created a breakthrough over the internet with high popularity and usability.

It is an open source CMS software. It is researched out that over 25% of websites over the internet run on WordPress. This fact is enough to place a crown on the head of WordPress. WordPress comes under two versions. One of them is WordPress.com and other is wordpress.org. Wordpress.com is very limited and you can say it something like blogger but Wordpress.org is very wide.

Let's discuss the wide range of WordPress features:




Wordpress provides methods provided by the blogger as well as many more other ways to optimize a blog/website for search engines.

These ways can be plug-ins, themes, etc.



Wordpress is very wider in case of themes also from blogger as well as other CMS platforms. As for only WordPress, many web developers around the world work hard to create very high-quality themes. These themes can be customized in more ways than blogger themes and look very better. Some WordPress themes have their very own unique features.



Unlike Blogger in case of WordPress, you keep your data on your own database. You could keep anything in your database which you like. You have no more restrictions which you have in case of other blogging platforms.

Like you can not promote porn, you can not show ad in a specific place or you have to do it, etc.

Final words:


After a good experience of both platforms I am reached into the following suggestions:'

1) If you just want it as a hobby and you are not serious about blogging go for blogger.

2) If you want a simple look and would happy with limited features of the platform go for blogger.

3) It is Recommended that for a business purpose always use WordPress and here is a guide to starting a blog with WordPress and earning money from it.


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